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We believe that high-quality piano instruction should be within reach for all families. Our pricing is tailored to provide the best value and flexibility, while supporting this mission.

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Discover Why Parents Choose Piano Lab

Hear from parents and students who've found joy and success at Piano Lab. Our students have not only excelled in their piano skills but also in statewide contests and exams.

"Becca has been a wonderful teacher to my boys who have been learning piano with her for almost 3 years now.They are always excited and look forward to the weekly session with her."

Shweta K.

"Miss Hannah is awesome! She is very positive and engaged with all her students.  My daughter always looks forward to her lessons! We are very happy with Piano Lab."

Annie M.

"Ms.Becca is a wonderful teacher for anyone who would like to learn Piano. Her art of dealing with kids, her teaching skill is really amazing. My daughter enjoyed working with such a friendly teacher. Becca provides feedback and improvement opportunities after end of each lesson. I certainly recommend her for piano lessons."

Priya S.

"Monley really enjoys class with Mrs Hannah.  Working on getting her more excited to practice at home and still need to learn how to use the at home app.  But monley leaves her lessons on Monday happy each time."

Jim G.

"Piano Lab is an awesome place to take up your piano learning forward.  Becca, lead coach helped beyond her regular coaching to customize the training for our needs to earn much awaited MMTA certifications."

Vinay H.


What age group does Piano Lab cater to?

At this time Piano Lab offers lessons to children and teens aged 4-18. We customize our teaching approach to suit the age and learning style of each student.

How does Piano Lab differ from traditional piano lessons?

At Piano Lab, we combine traditional teaching methods with modern technology to make piano lessons fun and engaging. We focus on teaching students how to practice independently, so they can play confidently both in class and at home.

Can I reschedule my child's lesson if a conflict arises?

Absolutely. We understand that schedules can change unexpectedly. You can easily reschedule your child's lesson through our parent portal, with only two hours notice required!

How can I track my child's progress?

Each student receives a personalized progress checklist based on the Faber Piano Adventures series, which outlines their learning milestones. We also utilize Seesaw, an online platform, where students can create a digital portfolio of videos and written activities to showcase their growth. This allows both you and your child to easily track progress, review achievements, and set new goals together.

What if my child wants to play a specific song?

We encourage students to choose songs they love for their recitals, be it from their favorite movies, TV shows, the radio, or other genres. This helps students invest in their performance and find joy in playing music they recognize.

Can my child participate in piano contests or exams?

Yes! At Piano Lab, we prepare and support students for MMTA piano contests and exams. We focus on developing essential skills like keyboard proficiency, sightplaying, and music theory. As a studio patron member of MMTA, we have the resources and expertise to guide your child through these exams and ensure their success. We will communicate with you about the registration process and provide ongoing support along the way.

How do I get started?

To get started, simply schedule your child's introductory lesson through our website or by contacting us directly.

What are the payment methods?

We accept online payments for your convenience, including credit and debit card payments. All transactions are secure and your information is protected.

Where is Piano Lab located?

Piano Lab is located in the Lakeway Office Park in Maple Grove, near E. Fish Lake Road and I-494. We are a short drive away from many surrounding cities. We have ample parking!

What kind of technology do you use in your lessons?

We use high-end Korg LP380U piano workstations and iPads at every piano station. We also use the Seesaw class app and other music applications like Piano Adventures Player App, SheetMusicDirect, PianoMarvel, and Musescore to enhance learning.

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